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Monthly Archives: March 2013

3 Foods You Need to Try on Trips to Peru

peruvian buffetOne of the great joys of traveling to a new land is trying food you can’t find anywhere else, and trips to Peru are no different. Peruvian cuisine is a popular stopping point for many visitors, whether they spend a majority of their time in Lima, Cusco or more rural areas.

While the style of Peruvian cuisine has been emulated across the world, trying the real thing right in Peru will give you a whole new appreciation for it. No matter where you are visiting from and where your Peru vacation packages take you, you likely haven’t tried anything else like these three foods:

  1. Chifa — This isn’t a specific dish, but a unique infusion that began to arise with the arrival of Chinese immigrants several centuries ago. The immigrants cooked the types of dishes they were used to back home, but had to use ingredients native to Peru, as many of the traditional vegetables, grains and meats found in China were just not available. The result is a tasty blend of Chinese/Peruvian flavors, ingredients and styles that have evolved over the years into its own category. On trips to Peru, you can find several Chifa restaurants in the Calle Capón area of Lima (Chinatown).
  2. Cuy Relleno — Not a dish that would sit well in every country of the world, cuy relleno is stuffed guinea pig. While some cultures see these creatures as pets, they are a meat staple in Peru and worth a taste. The gamey taste and texture is similar to rabbit meat, though you should be prepared: these are often served whole, with the head still attached. However, no Peru vacation packages are complete without trying this classic dish.
  3. Lucuma desserts — From ice cream to drinks to candy, lucuma is a favorite flavor in Peru. The lucuma is a fruit that resembles a mango, but it tastes much sweeter and has a unique flavor that is a bit like maple syrup and sweet potato combined. You can hardly go on trips to Peru without seeing this fresh flavor pop up in local dishes!

Whether you try these local delicacies during your trip or other Peruvian specialties, trying out the country’s cuisine should be a part of your Peru vacation packages. Where else will you find these unique flavors?

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