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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Peru Adventure Tours and Guinness World Record for 7m Long Chocolate Bar

Peru Adventure Tours & Guinness World for longer chocolate bar

Peru pastry chefs earn Guinness World Record for 7m long chocolate bar

At this moment, we are offering a Peru adventure tour to special cities where you can enjoy your vacations, cities like:

These are some of the best places to find an adventure, check our current list of packages here.

And as part of our Peru adventure tours, the past 14th  of October in district of Jesus Maria in Lima, a group of pastry chefs elaborated the longest chocolate bar in the world, it was necessary to baked about 1,000 kilos of cacao and for this reason this group of specialized pastry chefs won the Guinness World Record as the longer chocolate bar.

The chocolate bar had 7 meters of long, 3 meters wide and 5 centimeters high with a size of more than 1 ton of weight, according to Chef Juan Carlos Lopez, leader of the Association of Pastries of Peru, explained that producing the bar required an investment of more than $97,272.00 dollars.

The most important fact is that this bar of chocolate had more than 70% of cacao a feat that no other country had achieved.

The cacao came from areas such as Apurimac, Vraem and Mozon Jungle; areas that growth coca leaves in the past.

To cook this bar of chocolate, the group of chefs begun at 6 a.m. in the Peruanidad Avenue in Jesus María.

If you need more tours with this kind of events, check our Peru adventure tours or stay tone with news via our social networks and our website, and let us know what you think of this new Peruvian achievement!

Source: ABC News, El Comercio, CCTV+ Video

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One of the most famous people from Peru in Soccer

paolo guerrero famous people from peru

In recent times, Peruvian football has managed to have references at international level, soccer players who demonstrate their talent in countries such as Brazil, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, etc. That is why today the Peruvian people are very proud to have famous people from Peru in the world of international soccer.

One of the most beloved players currently is Paolo Guerrero, he currently plays for the Flamengo team in Brazil. He was born on January 1, 1984 and has taken his football to teams like: Bayern Munich (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), Corinthians (Brazil), he started his soccer career in the Peruvian club of Alianza Lima within the minor divisions at 7 years of age, then in 2001 he ascended to the major division, although he never played an official game, his outstanding skills took him to German football.

Currently Paolo Guerrero is one of the most famous people from Peru, due to his great performances with his soccer team, together with the current squad of the Peruvian team, led by technical director Ricardo Garecca (Argentine), have come to form a solid and reliable team, that in the last dates of the eliminatory ones has demonstrated to the Peruvian people that they are a new generation of young soccer players with a dream in common, that is to take Peru to the next world-wide one of Russia 2018.

The Peruvian team has not lost any game in the last 5 dates of the qualifiers, winning 3 of the last 5 games and tying 2, are these results that position the Peruvian team in the fifth place in the standings, becoming deserving of play the playoffs with the New Zealand team, which will be held on November 6 and 14.

Paolo Guerrero was crucial to this achievement, as he scored a free kick with just a few minutes left to finish the game against the Colombia team that was winning 1 to 0, this way the game ended in a draw, and this is how it was returns the hero of the day, that is why today is one of the most famous people from Peru worldwide not to say the most famous.

Just as it was vital to lead his soccer team to play the “repechaje” for the quota to the 2018 football world cup, it will be of utmost importance his participation to win that match and thus lead to the selection of Peruvian soccer after 36 years to a soccer World Cup.

We are sure that with so much talent and a very solid team, they will get it, and they will give the Peruvian people a happiness that will not be forgotten in decades, we are with you: GO PERU!

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Peru vacation packages all inclusive, enjoy your trip!

peru vacation packages all inclusive

We are a team that loves Peru, with all its places and wonderful landscapes that prove that it is  a country rich in culture, gastronomy, customs and especially its cities and towns that make this beautiful country the most wonderful of Latin America.

Places like: Machu Picchu (Cusco), Sacsayhuaman (Cusco), The Colca Valley (Arequipa), The Nazca Lines (Nazca), The Inti Raymi Festival (Cusco), The Lord of Sipan (Lambayeque), the Sacred City of Caral (North of Lima), the Amazon River and many other places make Peru a must to know if you consider yourself a knowledgeable traveler of the world.

Peru is an excellent place to carry out activities of all kinds, since its diversity makes it an excellent place, if you like the adventure, the experiential or the traditional, not because of this it stops having places as accessible at comfortable prices as also places for more demanding travelers.

Here at Best Peru Tours, we have designed a great variety of offers of tourist programs, so that your Peru vacation packages all inclusive are the most exciting and you get the greatest experiences that you cannot easily forget.

Peru vacation packages all inclusive are designed with everyone in mind, but we also have programs for more demanding travelers, so we’ve thought of all of them, but if none of our current programs seem to be enough, we can also design a bespoke program, in which you can enjoy everything you need exactly as you dreamed it.

Here is a list of the best Peru vacation packages all inclusive:

If you need a personalized Peru vacation package all inclusive, you can use our online planner to create your customized program or write us to [email protected] with all the details you consider necessary and we will contact you to organize everything.

If you are not yet sure of traveling with us, do not worry, we are convinced that all the good comments that our satisfied travelers give us, will make you finish convincing yourself and not wait any longer in planning your future vacations. In the following links, you can find our testimonies:

Now you know, there is no excuse for not living such a wonderful experience, Come and enjoy for yourself the experience of loving Peru!

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Mistura is the biggest culinary tour in Latin America

culinary tours in peru - mistura

Mistura begun in 2007 and already goes for its edition number 10, founded by the Peruvian Society of Gastronomy, where tradition, creativity, identity and diversity meets.

This fair brings together the best exponents of Peruvian food, to demonstrate the talent that for generations was inherited and that over time prevails in the hands of the most talented chefs and cooks from all over Peru. This event is a party because it is designed to be enjoyed by the whole family. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, siblings, uncles, friends, all are welcome and all are given place to enjoy not only the richest Peruvian dishes, but also events such as concerts, games, famous people that provide the ideal such a great event. Tourism is present and is that as it is well known worldwide, it is the largest gastronomic fair in Latin America, and that is why hundreds of tourists from all over the world come together to find in one place all the meals from all corners of our Peru and experience a unique, incomparable and exquisite pleasure that can only be found here.

It is worth mentioning that there are culinary tours destined solely to bring tourists to enjoy this event that this year 2017 will take place in the district of Rimac, and everything is getting ready for this culinary event that starts on October 26 until November 5, 10 days of pure fun, color and above all taste!

If you already thought about coming for your culinary tour, we recommend the following dishes to enjoy, it is important to keep order, remember that you have to go a few or you will have no stomach for both, this is our top 10 Peruvian food:

  1. Ceviche with Jalea
  2. Papa la huancaína with tamales
  3. Causa rellena with Leche de tigre
  4. Lomo saltado
  5. Chicharrón of pork
  6. Pachamanca
  7. Caldo de mote
  8. Caldo de gallina
  9. Juane with cecina and tacacho
  10. Rocoto relleno

Everything accompanied by your delicious:

  • Chicha morada

In this top 10 of our favorite culinary tour, you’ll be sampling the most delicious dishes from the 3 regions of Peru, coast, sierra and jungle. Each dish of our top 10 was selected and approved by our team, it was hard to try so many delicious meals, but we do it for you, to give you the best recommendations and we will do it as many times as necessary, after all, who can resist such a job?

Do not stay outside and participate, if you are not yet part of this culinary tour, you do not know what you are missing… you will have to wait another year to get back to knowing about it.

Will you participate?

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Colca Canyon in Peru, Guided Tours for Condor Flight

peru guided tours in colca canyon with condor flight in peru tours

The Colca Canyon is located in the department of Arequipa, Caylloma province, Peru. It is one of the biggest tourist destinations that this region has. The canyon has a depth of 4160 meters.

The Andean landscapes appear from 3000 meters to 5000 meters above sea level with steep slopes, where erosion of water has caused the formation of deep moats, the lands here are suitable for grazing, either based on the use of natural grass temporary, permanent and semi-permanent, are districts purely livestock and alpaqueros Tisco, Callalli and Sibayo.

Another of the main characteristics of the Colca Valley is the presence of thermal waters, from Caylloma to Canco, with a progressive decrease in water temperature, as well as a change in its chemical composition, from sulphurous to carbonated, the chemical composition of waters are mostly Ca, Zn, Fe, C, salts and others, with a maximum temperature of 85 C ° at the outlet of the spring.

The presence of geysers in Pinchollo, Cabanaconde and Tapay indicates the presence of nearby hot volcanic foci, these originate when groundwater surface, usually through a crack, its temperature is due to the contact of the water with the rocks in fusion.

One of the main tourist attractions is Condor Flight, it is recognized as the largest and heaviest flying bird on the planet. And the one with the largest wing surface. Adults can measure up to 142 cm in height, and between 270 and 330 cm in size, and weigh 11 to 15 kg males and 8 to 11 kg females. It is one of the birds that flies to greater heights, using upward vertical thermal currents of warm air to be able to climb with relative ease the 7000 meters; then it can fly for hundreds of miles planning the territory almost without moving the extended wings.

If you are not an expert, or you are not accustomed to the mountain hike, it is advisable to hire a guided tour, there are many guides of the place who will be willing to help you and in this way, make your experience the most favorable and extraordinary. There are also packages that already offer this circuit with guides of the place included, usually these guided tours are given by agencies that already offer a whole range of places to visit including the Colca Canyon. Peru guided tours are often found in the different tour packages that you buy with your travel agency, but if you like adventure do not worry arriving in the same city of Arequipa you will find guided tours by Peruvian guides who are the best as they know well the place.

We have given you some scope of what you can find when visiting the Colca Canyon, but the most important thing is that you do not have to live this exciting experience, we are sure that you will enjoy it very much and if you travel in a group, it will be an experience among friends or family or both, unforgettable!

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